We are a literate, multi-para crossover RPG based on The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Teen Wolf.

Things had been increasingly difficult in Beacon Hills after Scott's father arrived and tried to get the Sheriff fired. When Stiles' father decided to move somewhere halfway across the country, Melissa followed along with her son. Little did they know that most of their childrens' friends would follow after them.

The pack didn't know what it was getting into by moving to Mystic Falls, but they're slowly finding out. Will the original inhabitants of the town ever accept them, or will they be forced to move on once again?

Name: Sam Winchester

Age: 28

Birthdate: May 2

Species: Human/Hunter

Face Claim: Missy Peregrym

Character Changes: Sam wakes up in a female body and knows right away that it has to have something to do with Dean.  The only thing is, he doesn’t know why he has to be punished because his brother is a womanizer.  The two are at odds, but the problem is that Sam seems to be adjusting better to being a woman than Dean does.  After a week or two, he doesn’t even mind it so much anymore, and he’s finding it quite nice that if you have a conversation when you’re a pretty girl, then a lot of people will listen to you, or at least pretend that they are.  He’s still pissed that Dean got him into this, but since he doesn’t see a way out of it, he figures he may as well go with the flow.


This Character Is OPEN


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