We are a literate, multi-para crossover RPG based on The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Teen Wolf.

Things had been increasingly difficult in Beacon Hills after Scott's father arrived and tried to get the Sheriff fired. When Stiles' father decided to move somewhere halfway across the country, Melissa followed along with her son. Little did they know that most of their childrens' friends would follow after them.

The pack didn't know what it was getting into by moving to Mystic Falls, but they're slowly finding out. Will the original inhabitants of the town ever accept them, or will they be forced to move on once again?

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Females - 3

Males - 0

I would love to get a few male auditions.

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in the storyline? cant we eventually just do a sort of self para, explaining how the transformation occurred? if its approved, that is. —Anonymous

I mean that we are going to need to have witches in the group before it would be approved. I talked to the group owner and she stated that she would rather have Sam and Dean remain female, but that the only occasion that she would approve the change would be when we have both of them filled, both characters wish to be changed back, and we have at least one witch in the group who would be able to do the gender swapping spell.

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okay, well I was interested in applying for dean. but first, is she staying a woman forever? can we change her gender back to male, eventually? —Anonymous

I wouldn’t mind changing her gender back to male eventually, but we would need some witches in the storyline first and approval from myself and one other mod.

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is this rp active? —Anonymous

Yes, we are active for the most part.  Of course we have days of inactivity like any other rpg, but most of the people here stay active.

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I believe that you said you were going to post Amara, Tatia and Silas. Are you still planning to do that? —Anonymous

I am still planning on posting them, as long as I can find a good way to being them back.  It will be at some point in today or tomorrow if they do get posted.  Who knows, I might even post Tom Avery.

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What kind of characters do you prefer in this RPG? —Anonymous

I’m not really sure what you mean, anon.  We do prefer well rounded characters, though I’m still a little confused as to the exact nature of your question.

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